“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” 
Matthew 28:19-20

The Great Commission is at the heart of Trinity’s missions: God has called us to impact our world in our centers and as a global church. Through empowering and equipping pastors and leaders, churches, organizations, ministries and communities, including the establishment and support of charitable and humanitarian works, Trinity has sown and reached more than 60 nations in the past 50 years.


Going to the nations

Every year, Trinity sends Trinitarians overseas in teams to our partner churches and humanitarian organizations in different nations to bless the churches and the communities they reside in. From children and youth programs to special events and miracle rallies, Trinitarians are trained for weeks at hand to prepare in different ways to share God’s love in tangible ways.

In addition, Trinitarians have also come together using online technology to present and livestream mini-productions and skits to groups that we are unable to go to physically.  
If you would like to join a trip, sign up here.


Demonstrating Christ’s love in action

Trinity also seeks to serve the marginalized and disadvantaged through overseas community projects and partnerships in social justice initiatives.  
In this VUCA world, Trinity’s curated partnerships, some being long-term and strategic in nature, are specific to impact the greater community. Whether we are building homes, providing medical care, or feeding people, working with various local ministries allows us to begin or reinforce local humanitarian efforts so that the local communities can see and experience the depth of Christ's love in action. 
We have provided essential support to organisations such as Care Community Services Society (CCSS), Focus on the Family, Convoy of Hope, Teen Challenge, Project Rescue, etc. With Project Rescue on a mission to rescue and restore victims of sexual exploitation through love and the power of God, Trinity goes beyond financial giving to also join them in ministering to the victims of sex trafficking.


Empowering churches

Training & Consultation is a key platform for Trinity to bless the nations through sending our own homegrown pastors and ministers to equip churches and leaders around the world. Our heart is to see churches grow and to build strong churches. 
Whether it is through implementing small group church models or advising on the discipleship and raising of leaders in a repeatable cycle, Trinity has trained churches in these nations – Brunei, Canada, Colombia, Ghana, Greece, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Poland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States of America, Vietnam over the past 30 years. We will continue to avail our pastors and ministers to serve and build other churches God connects us with. 
Trinity also conducts an annual Pastors Conference in Singapore, where delegates gather for 3 days to be refreshed, relearn, recharge and be strengthened to build up their own churches when they return.


Expanding the kingdom

God has given Trinity the resources to plant churches and set up centers to advance and expand His kingdom. Trinity has three centers in Singapore and four centers respectively in Australia, Indonesia, Thailand and the United Kingdom
Let us know if you are keen to be part of a Trinity church planting right where you are.


Serving the kingdom

One of the first tentmakers of his time is Apostle Paul, especially in the city of Corinth. He was effective and relevant with his trade as a tool, amassing numerous contacts and opportunities, all substantial means of developing relationships, credibility, and contexts for ministry. 
In Trinity, we run two types of classes: English language and Music for students from various backgrounds who wish to learn English and Music for different purposes. While we started with teaching pastors, ministers, and church staff, who are keen to learn for the purpose of kingdom expansion and personal development, we have also begun teaching individuals who simply wish to pick up the English language or an instrument together with the Trinity community. 
If you wish to be an English language trainer or music trainer with Trinity, or if you wish to partner Trinity in the area of Business As Missions, write to us. You can be a blessing to the nations, and see lives and churches transformed for His glory!