Training & discipleship


Training & discipleship




What is AlphaTrack?

Alpha Track is an immersive three-month full-time training program that equips and empowers ordinary believers to become HARVEST WARRIORS and STRATEGIC LEADERS.

It’s time to arise. It’s time to fulfill your CALLING and DESTINY.
Be equipped. Be empowered. Be transformed.

In AlphaTrack, you will learn through:
• Teaching
• Practical ministry
• An overseas missions trip

What to expect?

Learn to hear the voice of God as you immerse yourself in an environment of faith and worship

Discover your passions and giftings and how to apply them to your life and ministry

Acquire ministry and leadership skills in the areas of prayer, evangelism and more

Catch God’s heartbeat for the lost through evangelism and cross-cultural missions

Grow in boldness to pray for people and increase your faith for miracles and breakthrough

Cultivate team ministry skills as you serve one another

Fulfil God’s destiny for your life

Who should sign up?

Does something seem missing in your life?
Are you seeking for something, but you do not know what it is?
Discover the destiny of God for your life in AlphaTrack.
This could just be one of the best three months of your life.

God has great plans for you. He wants to give you a fulfilling
career, family, and ministry. Before embarking on this new phase of adulthood, why not find out all that God wants for you?
Seek God’s plan and direction for your life in AlphaTrack.

Have you attained reasonable success in your career but still feel that there must be more satisfaction to life than just work?
Come! Seek God and align yourself with His exciting plan for you in this next lap.

So you have achieved a fulfilling and successful career?
What's next? AlphaTrack is the place for you to seek God’s path for you and be re-fired toward a new beginning in Him.

Spiritual Parents (SP) and above may apply.
If you are not yet a commissioned SP, please speak to your pastor before applying. Candidate must also complete the Preparation for Mission Impact Team (Trinity Academy course).


When can I register?
You can submit your application anytime. We will process your application and inform you accordingly. Registration closes 30 days before track begins.

Am I required to stay-in?
No. AlphaTrack is not a stay-in program. However, there are 2 stay-in summits and a 1-4 week overseas missions trip.

Can I pick and choose which days to come for the course?
No. This is a full-time course, and it requires you to be present and to adhere to its schedule.

Do I need to be of a certain leadership position in Trinity Christian Centre in order to join AlphaTrack?
Spiritual Parents (SPs) and above may apply. If you are not yet a commissioned SP, please speak to your Pastor before applying.

I do not feel like I have a full-time-call, is AlphaTrack for me?
Yes. We all have a destiny in Christ. You should join AlphaTrack and seek God for His destiny for your life.

I am currently in full-time employment; do I have to resign from my job before applying to AlphaTrack?
No. Please submit your application first. You will be interviewed before your application is accepted. Please also speak with your pastor before making a decision to resign from your job.