Be ministered to by the anointed worship and transformational Word in these powerful conference night rallies!

Catch a glimpse of heaven on earth! Join the united worship of believers across nations, and expand your heart for God's kingdom. Come dressed in your national costume to represent your country! Don't miss it!

Since 1977, God has been stretching the faith of Trinitarians in giving in Trinity’s Missions Faith Promise Service. Their sacrificial giving has enabled Trinity to impact the future of churches in over 50 nations. Come and witness the future of faith-building for your church!

Senior Pastors are invited to a special lunch meeting (conducted in English or with Mandarin interpretation).

Rev Dominic Yeo
Lead Pastor, Trinity Christian Centre
Vice-Chancellor, TCA College (Global Leadership)
General Superintendent, AG Singapore
Vice-Chairman, Alliance of Pentecostal & Charismatic Churches of Singapore Secretary, World AG
Executive Council Member, Pentecostal World Fellowship

Rev Dominic Yeo is unflinching when it comes to charging ahead with God’s plans, especially when it’s into unchartered territory. Whether imparting into nations, or reaching out to fellow Liverpool fans, he is focused on winning and discipling leaders for Jesus. The recognized prophet and international speaker has lead Trinity Christian Centre to the next level as a vanguard church, expanding God’s kingdom globally.

Rev Rob Ketterling
Founder and Lead Pastor, River Valley Church, Minnesota, USA

Lead Team Member, Association of Related Churches (ARC)

Rev Rob Ketterling has not stopped adding to God’s kingdom since founding River Valley Church (Minnesota, USA) 25 years ago. Under his dynamic apostolic leadership, the church has expanded to multi-sites, touching nearly 10,000 worshippers weekly, and gives more than USD 5 Million to missions yearly. The humorous and compelling visionary's ministry journey over the last 30 years has equipped him to challenge and encourage leaders to take their influence to the next level.

Rev Ong Sek Leang
Founder and Senior Pastor, Metro Tabernacle, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
General Superintendent, AG Malaysia

Rev Ong Sek Leang fiercely stands for God’s truth and kingdom. The down-to-earth apostle started his outreach in the streets of Kuala Lumpur on his scooter. Today, Metro Tabernacle has grown to a congregation size of thousands. The passionate and humorous pastor continues to impart faith to his team and audiences worldwide to step into the next level with God.

Pastors & Technology. Staying Relevant. Innovating Ahead.

Artifical intelligence, autonomous translation, stem cell technology, genome-based treatment, 5G, cyber hacking, drones, assistive technologies, and more. Technology is advancing at a rapid rate but it need not be overwhelming. How can you, as the Next Level Pastor harness this major influence today for God’s kingdom? How can you stay relevant with the latest technologies to help futureproof your church? What are some of the ethical issues and how can you respond biblically?

Come, level up technologically for the future!

Pastors & Kingdom of God: Current Mandate, Future Strategies
You are called to build God’s Kingdom. Is there more to it than what you are already doing? What are some strategies you can employ to advance God’s Kingdom through your church? How can you establish leadership that fulfills God’s mandate of building His kingdom?

Come, step into the next level of your God-given authority in His Kingdom!

Pastors & Missions: Forging the Great Commission Forward
As the Next Level Pastor, what do you envision missions to be in the next decade? Will it still include short-term crisis relief, urban church planting, combined efforts through national church networks, digital mediums such as podcasts, social media, chat rooms, and more? How can you steer your church towards God’s Global Mission? Do you send or support missionaries, partner with churches or non-profit organizations, or conduct business as missions?

Step into the next level of making disciples of all nations!

Pastors & Change: Leading Transformation
Globalization, technology, migration have changed, and are changing the way church members think, live and relate to one another. As the Next Level Pastor, are you managing or leading these changes? How can you biblically and practically embrace change, even in your life and leadership style?

It’s time to level up! Become the engineers of change for God’s Kingdom!

Pastors & Team: Inspire, Raise & Charge
To take your church to the next level, you need to have the best combination of people with different giftings on your team. Or do you? Is there a best combination, and if so, what is the best combination? Be better equipped to form a team that taps into different God-given talents. Learn how to raise and mobilize volunteers to be a part of expanding your organization.

Be equipped to take your team to the next level! 

Pastors & Next Generation: Empowering the Young
Globalization. Urbanization. AI. Fake news. Relativism. Many things are pulling at our young adults, youths and children today. As the Next Level Pastor, how can you grab their attention amidst all these distractions? How can you help our next generation make godly choices, stand up for their faith, and be the salt and light to their generation?

Be empowered to raise the next generation up to the next level!

Pastors & Church Growth: Renew, Rejuvenate, Expand
Are you trying to break your church out of a growth plateau? Does church growth hinge solely on your leadership ability or are there other influencing external factors? What are some new visions, ways, perspectives, strategies and people skills that you, as the next level Pastor can adopt to facilitate church growth?

Come propel your church into its next level of growth!

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