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Leadership in the midst of uncertainty

World events have become volatile and unpredictable. How do you vision cast with clarity, remain steadfast and move the church, unflinching towards God’s given vision?

Leadership and Discernment: Be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove

Churches have been torn because of the lack of wisdom on the part of leadership. How do you discern accurately to maneuver through the pitfalls of pastoral ministries?

Discipleship in Prayer: Establishing a prayer culture in your church

Prayer cannot simply remain a good theory. Discover how to build a church that believes in the power of prayer, gets down to praying and storming the gates of Hell!

Discipling a church that walks in the supernatural

Miracles are not a thing of the past, neither are they reserved for a few anointed persons. How do you enable your church to walk daily in the power of God that releases divine breakthroughs?

Self-Leadership: Triumph over temptation, betrayal, and burnout

Not everything is a coincidence! Tune your spiritual radar to recognize the enemy’s ploys and decoys. Safeguard your ministry from the onslaught of the enemy and triumph!

Leadership in the family

Your ministry to your family is just as important (if not more important) than managing the affairs of your church! Discover how you can build a strong household alongside a demanding ministry.


Reaching and discipling the next generation of leaders

For the church to fulfill her call to reach every generation, it will require the raising of future leaders today. How can you impact and inspire millennials to serve their generation?



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Rev Dominic Yeo was a former rebel whom God has redeemed and transformed into a fearless and unflinching leader carrying God’s vision and heart. Through Rev Dominic’s visionary and strategic leadership as Senior Pastor of Trinity Christian Centre, God has grown the church not just in numbers but led many back to His heart. The spiritual son of Trinity is also the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God of Singapore and Secretary of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship. A mentor to pastors and leaders around the world, he carries a strong apostolic and prophetic anointing, releasing breakthroughs to individuals, churches, and nations. 

Rev Naomi Dowdy started her full-time call as a missionary to the Marshall Islands, planting churches, and starting a Bible School whilst breaking open coconuts for food and drink. In obedience to God, she took on the assignment as pastor to Trinity Christian Centre. The assignment turned out to be 30 years long. Through Rev Dowdy, God led the church to grow from 42 to over 3000 members. The Resident Apostle of Trinity Christian Centre, and Founder and Director of Naomi Dowdy Ministries travels extensively to the nations, mentoring and equipping pastors, leaders and churches on apostolic strategies to fulfil their calling and destiny in God. 

Pastor David Doery used to lead a life ‘on the run from God’, but a dramatic encounter with God transformed him. Together with his wife, they lead Bridge Church, a multi-cultural and multi-generational church located across four campuses in Victoria, Australia and internationally. Pastor David has a God-given vision to build an evangelical community to reach more souls, release the supernatural and rise to significance in the community. A regular leadership speaker both in Australia and internationally, Pastor David is an anointed man of God who delivers powerful truths in practical ways to inspire everyday believers to reach their full potential for Christ. 
Rev Ong Sek Leang used to zip around in winding streets on his little scooter, going about God’s work. Now the anointed speaker and recognized prophet zips around internationally, activating and releasing God’s prophetic unction and anointing. In 30 years, God has used the Senior Pastor of Metro Tabernacle, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, Malaysia to grow his church from 12 to nearly 2000 members. Through Rev Ong, God delivers life-changing messages, calling churches and leaders to arise to the will of God for their church, nation and generation.

Pastor Dr Tom Manning believes life is an adventure. When God called him to leave everything and go to a former communist country, Hungary, as a missionary – it was the greatest adventure ever! The Lord has since expanded his reach to minister in Austria, Iraq, China, Ethiopia, and many other countries, before being called back to USA, where he and wife now lead Christian Life Center. Also the World Missions Director for the Peninsular Florida District Council of the Assemblies of God and a consultant with Church Life Resources, Tom travels internationally, working with hundreds of pastors and churches to build strong churches.



Night Rally

Thu, Mar 8, 8pm
Venue: Level 2, Sanctuary

Re-ignite your passion for God and His Kingdom with this power-packed rally! Enter into the presence of God unleashed through anointed worship and receive fresh revelation through the fiery message! 

Cultural Night 

Fri, Mar 9, 6.45-7.45pm
Level 2 Foyer – 
Food and Games
Level 2 Garden & Level 4, Summit* – 
Cultural Performances
*Come by the Photobooth on Level 4, Summit and have a photo taken!

Missions Rally

Fri, Mar 9, 8pm
Level 2, Sanctuary

Catch a glimpse of what heaven would be like when people of nations and tongues come together to worship God, and be fired up with His passionate heartbeat for the lost! Come early and enjoy the cultural performances by our five language ministries during the cultural night. Come dressed in your ethnic costume to represent your country!

Missions Weekend Service 

Sat & Sun, Mar 10 & 11
Starting in 1977, Trinity’s first Missions Weekend Service started from a handful of youths and young adults raising S$35,300. Today, Trinitarians continue to give sacrificially, enabling Trinity to impact over 50 countries. Come and receive an impartation of faith and vision for your church!


  • Pastors Conference
  • Night Rally, Mar 8, 8pm
  • Missions Rally, Mar 9, 8pm
  • Missions Weekend, Mar 10 & 11

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